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Number Fun

In our technologically advancing world, math continues to have many implications. The difficulty is that students fail to maintain enthusiasm for math perceiving it to be either hard to comprehend or uninteresting. This causes them to drop out of advanced math classes, preventing them from achieving their dreams. Our goal is to make math understandable and fun again, and to change the child’s view on math. Once a child is encouraged and shown how delightful and relevant math can be, they will not have to struggle with it again.


Week 1

Number Concepts integers

Revise the basics of math so they can implement it later.

Week 2


 Brushing up their multiplication and division skills.

Week 3

Expr & Equations

Learn single and double variable equations.

Week 4


Learn about ratios and how they can help you in real life.

Week 5

Geometric Concepts

Go over area, perimeter, volume, and surface area for most shapes.

Week 6

​Data Analysis

Use data and information that is given to them to solve questions

Week 7

Other Essential Math

Learn about discounts, interest, tax, and tips.

Week 8

Applied Math

Apply everything we taught them and make a little quiz to make sure they understand everything.