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Cells and Beyond

Biology is considered an easy and interesting subject, but many students tend not to like it because of all the memorization it involves for the purpose of tests. Here at Stem Made Fun, we believe in interactive learning. Science has proven that through interactive learning, students will use more of their senses which in turn will connect multiple neurons together forming long term memory. With this course, we intend to make students understand its concepts without having to just memorize them.By the end, they will be in awe of Biology.


Week 1

Talk about cells

Everything You need to know about cells

Week 2


How do viruses infect cells? How does your body fight back?

Week 3

Tissues and Organs

​Learn how you are made up of cells, tissues, and organs.

Week 4

Skeletal System

What are bones and how they are the scaffold of the human body?

Week 5

Muscle System

Learn how your muscles work and why.

Week 6

Digestive System

Learn how your body processes food.

Week 7

Circulatory System

Your heart is essential for life, but what does it do?

Week 8

Nervous System

How the brain commands the body?