What you'll learn

We feel that many students dropout of honor or accelerated classes in Junior and High School all because the subjects are not interesting anymore. Our goal is to keep STEM fun to initiate students to enjoy the subject they are learning.

STEM Areas


Number Fun

In this math course, we will be taking future math concepts students will learn such as variables, and presenting them in a fun and informative way. We also will be going over math tricks.


Cells and Beyond

Starting from the organelles of a cell, we are going to be explaining the biology of the human body in a way that does not require memorization.

computer, computer code, screen

Let's Code

Most students already think programming is cool but we will be making it even better by making our course entertaining. We will be teaching students history of programming, and python basics as wells as its implementations.


Persuasive Reasoning

When children think of speech, they always think it’s boring, but coming from debate, we know it’s fun. In this class, we will be learning how to research, make points, present a speech, and argue with reasoning and evidence.