Welcoming Noida into the StemMadeFun family!

STEM Made Fun

STEM Made fun is working with kids from Noida to bring STEM-related topics to underprivileged girls. We targeted 6-7 graders and introduced new topics about Math and Science in a fun way to them.

Shambhavi Mittal

Hi my name is Shambhavi Mittal. I am in class 11.
I am a Scholar Badge holder and have been for the past 7 years. Since class 1, I have been taking part in Science, Maths and Computer Science olympiads. I have been learning Odissi dance,Indian Classical music and Tabla for more than 10 years and have been performing professionally for the past 4 years. I know HTML and Python, for which I have also taken courses organised by Codechef. I am very keen about the STEM subjects and want every student to understand its importance. Throughout my life I have seen the struggle of underprivileged girls, through the incidents I have heard from my mother and also personal conversations with them. Helping and motivating them to pursue STEM subjects has and always will be my personal accomplishment.

Siddhi Singhal

Hi my name is Siddhi Singhal. I have conferred excellence in academics and extracurricular activities awards from my school many times. I have done Science and Mathematics Olympiads for 5 years, and have also shown a great interest in programming languages like HTML, Python and small basic. I have been to different NGO schools from my school since I was in 3 rd grade; I have taught my age and below children different topics of different subjects through which I also learned a lot too. Now I want to share this experience with others. To add on, I have learnt karate and self-defense since I was of age 3. I have participated in many different types and levels of competition, like for French solo singing, odyssey of minds, art competitions. For a fact I am the only female percussionist in my school, and happened to be the only senior in the band in my year.