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          My name is Aashrith Bandaru. I have participated in MSPDP and Parliamentary Debate tournaments. I even teach debate to GATE kids. Apart from debate I also have participated in a few Hackathons and have my own python class. I am very proficient in Python and have experience in many of its modules including Django, Pygame, and Tkinter. I’m even part of FTC and design robots in CAD as well as program in Java. I am also very Compassionate as I went to Homeless Shelters once a month before COVID-19 and served food. 


          My name is Krishiv Aggarwal and I will be going to 9th grade next year. So far through my life I have loved STEM. I have participated in accelerated math and science courses. To add on I have learned debate, am proficient in C, Html, CSS, and Python coding languages. Additionally, I have done Science Olympiad for 3 years and robotics for 4 years. Also I have teaching experience as I have taught 4th-grade science in an after school program. I am passionate about STEM and I want to spread this love. That is why I have made it my goal to make kids fall in love with STEM.

Why are we qualified?

Persuasive Reasoning

 We have practiced debate. Aashrith has qualified for the debate team this year. We plan to utilize what we have learned so the kids can use it in their daily lives not just debate.

Number Fun

We have participated in accelerated math classes. Krishiv is part of school math club. We plan to help the kids learn the importance of math and how they can apply to real world scenarios.

Cells and Beyond

We have participated in honours science in both 7th and 8th grades and have also participated in Science Olympiad. We plan on educating the kids on the physiological functions of the body from its basic building blocks to complex systems. Learning this will help them grasp other important concepts as well.

Computer Programing

We are experienced in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Java and C. We plan on teaching the kids about python and introduce them to programming. Nowadays there is a wide range of opportunities in the field of computer science and it plays a prestigious role in the society. By starting early we can teach the kids things they can use their entire life.

Why Are we Special

We are confident that we can connect to the kids as we strive to make each class a fun learning experience. Being in school ourselves, we know what it feels like to sit in a classroom and learn. In spite of knowing that the lessons being taught eventually will it will help us grow, we tend to often get distracted. Hence, we have decided to incorporate learning through activities engaging the kids better for better focus and retention of concepts.

” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein